Make the Move to Internic

Our Hosting Migration team will manage your transition from start to finish

  • Set us up with login access to the services you want to move
  • We'll create a backup of all your content & copy it to your new Internic hosting package
  • Our team will test your site to ensure it's running smoothly & help you set up your email accounts on all your preferred devices
  • We'll support you after the migration is complete with updates and web optimization help

How Hosting Migration Works

Domain Transfer

Our team will do all of the work for you, on your schedule, so you can sit back and relax.

Our hosting migration team will manage your transition from start to finish.

We'll plan your switch in advance, and our team will work to make sure your site is up and running with virtually no interruption.


Your support doesn't end after the migration is complete - we're here to help when you need it. We'll even help you routinely run updates and help with website optimization and email management.



Benefits & Pricing

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Want to Learn More?

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